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ROBGFILM is a Video Production & Marketing Company owned by Robert Garcia who is a hometown resident of Pflugerville, Tx. 

Pflugerville is a city connected to Austin, Tx about 15 minutes from downtown Austin. 

We're Texas based, but have had the pleasure working on projects throughout the USA.

Our motto is Visuals with Vision. We create compelling visual content with a strategic vision to accomplish goals within business. In addition to business video marketing we have also done projects in the filmmaking spectrum of video such as feature & short films, documentary films, and several music videos. 

Meet Robert Garcia

Born in Austin, TX.

Raised in Pflugerville and Dallas.

Robert picked up a camera around the age of 12.

Filming & editing videos of him and his friends skateboarding. That later led to working with companies in the skateboard industry filming professional skateboarders for brand videos. Expanding from the skate industry Robert started to work as a freelance videographer/editor on projects in many different industries. His goal is to live life looking through the camera lens but also help others live their dream while living his. Aside from video production Robert also enjoys skateboarding (obviously), boxing, drag racing , carpentry, music , and traveling. 

"When you help someone be the best they can be, in that moment you are being the best you can be"
- Rob G

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