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ROBGFILM is a Video Production Company based in Pflugerville Texas.

We create Visual content with a strategic vision to accomplish anything.

Our Vision at ROBGFILM is to help our partners achieve theirs. Pretty simple huh?
We do that by creating Video content with a Vision tailored to you. We've worked in many industries and have done different projects with some amazing people.
Whatever you need with Video we have you covered!

We're passionate about video and enjoy partnering with like minded people in their field.  


Robert Garcia

Video Strategist , Filmmaker , FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Texas native and Pflugerville Hometown  resident Robert Garcia grew up with the camera in his hand.  From making skateboard videos with friends to spoof videos with family it was a seed planted that later developed into a passion for video production. 
"If it wasn't for skateboarding i'm not sure if I would have found my passion for video production... It happened so organically though. Just filming my friends making cool videos trying to be like the pro's. Really i'm just a skate filmer that never put down the camera. One of the most rewarding things about what I do is helping others do what their passionate about while at the same time doing what I do."


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