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ROBGFILM is a Video Production company focused on creating visual content for the growth & progression of our film family (aka clients).
From building brands to elevating businesses we aim to partner with Business Owners, Corporations, or the Marketing Directors that represent them. 
Our goal is to not only create video content that results in progression, but also energize a fun and positive experience focusing on customer service and sharing knowledge with our film family. 


We've also worked on many creative projects with Artists, Film Producers, Influential Personalities, and other Creatives. For us its all about seeing if we'll be a good fit. So reach out!


Meet Rob

Video Strategist , Filmmaker , FAA Certified Drone Pilot, Skateboarder, Music Head

Texas native and Pflugerville Hometown  resident Rob G grew up with the camera in his hand.  From making skateboard videos with friends to spoof videos with family it was a seed planted that later developed into a passion for video production. 
"If it wasn't for skateboarding i'm not sure if I would have found my passion for video production... It happened so organically though. Just filming my friends making cool videos trying to be like the pro's. Really i'm just a skate filmer that never put down the camera. One of the most rewarding things about what I do is helping others do what their passionate about while at the same time doing what I'm passionate about, its a win, win".



Skatepark of Austin, Where it all started


ROBGFILM was originaly a skateboard video blog website.

Before ever thinking about a career in video production and people still called me Robert. All I wanted to do was skate and film everyday. I started a website to post footage of the homies and had no idea what to call it. I had some other ideas but the website domains were already taken. After several denied ideas I finally settled on an available domain name
I still remember thinking it was funny when people started calling me "Rob G" or "Rob" But hey, I guess that was it. Rob G the Filmmaker was born
and that nickname stuck. Now ironically the tables have turned and I think its funny when someone calls me Robert, ha. 

Being inspired by fellow skate homies and also filmers
Dieter Galvan & Ryan Holloway, them branching out into the video production industry motivated me to do the same. After doing many projects I like to relate this film journey to chapters.
This was 

Chapter 1.


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